VISCOlab PVT高溫高壓粘度測量系統在西班牙 Mondragon大學的碳氫化合物研究中的應用

發布時間:2011-05-09 19:49:09
摘要:西班牙大學在高溫高壓粘度應用研究分析中,選用Cambridge公司的VISCOlab PVT系統作為研究分析碳氫化合物粘度的儀器。
Boston—Cambridge Viscosity announces that Mondragón University in the Basque Country has purchased a VISCOlab PVT high pressure system for the Fluid Mechanics Group its Faculty of Engineering.
According to the objective of the Fluid Mechanics research group: “The high pressure viscometer has been purchased to promote research on the transport properties of hydrocarbon mixtures. It is of vital importance the knowledge of these transport properties for the development of new numerical models and for the adjustments of existing algorithms. The analysis of viscosity and other transport properties in liquid and liquefied mixtures are essential to advance the study of non-equilibrium transport phenomena. Thanks to the Basque government for their financial grant (EC2010-3) the Fluid Mechanics Group benefited from the acquisition of this equipment thats promote the development of the group towards excellence in R & D while in the transfer of technology.”
The VISCOlab PVT viscometer allows elevated pressure and temperature measurement in research and development, reservoir fluid and core sample analysis, and supercritical fluid studies. This high pressure/high temperature viscometer requires less than 6 ml of sample per measurement and cleaning. In addition to fluid sample, the VISCOlab measures gas and gas condensates and provides statistical certainty that ensures that sample conditions are stable, accurate and repeatable. The viscometer incorporates a digital pressure gauge and is mercury free.